November 28, 2023


Image Credit: DFI

Product Description:

DFI has leveraged AMD Ryzen™️ Embedded R-Series SoCs to achieve a tiny, versatile Raspberry Pi-like size profile. DFI’s 1.8” SBC PCSF51 is the newest revolutionary miniaturization technology with the AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000 for graphics-demanding, ultra-tiny, and edge computing solutions. Targeted for use in industrial application development, robotics, edge computing, and vision systems, PCSF51 delivers exceptional multi-core performance and brings advanced AI inference capabilities to bear.


  • AMD Ryzen™️ Embedded R2000 Series - Picasso
  • Small form factor 1.8" SBC for space-limited applications
  • Single Channel DDR4 Memory Down up to 4GB/8GB
  • HDMI 1.4 resolution supports up to 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz
  • Storage up to 128GB: eMMC 32GB/ 64GB/ 128GB
  • 10-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q2' 32 (Based on AMD Roadmap)

Product Website Link:https://us.dfi.com/product/index/1598#overview

Datasheet Link:https://us.dfi.com/product/index/1598#download

Buy It Now Link:https://us.dfi.com/product/index/1598#ordering_information

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