RIGOL Releases its DP2000 Bench Top Power Supply

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 29, 2022


Image Provided by RIGOL

The DP2000 provides higher output speed with low current measurements. 

Portland, OR. RIGOL Technologies released its, the DP2000, a benchtop power supply with three secluded channels and a programmable linear DC power supplies. Each channel comes with automatic internal series and parallel connections with an auto range 1 mA resolution and 10 mA range making it ideal for wearables and edge devices. 

The DP2000  produces high resolution for determining low-range currents to 1 µA on a 4.3” touch screen. Also included is a sampling mode, an arbitrary output mode with a 1 ms dwell time, and low output noise and ripple < 350 µVrms.

The arbitrary mode is comprised of up to 512 arbitrary points with dwell time down to 1 millisecond and the capability to edit waveforms (sine waves, square waves, ramps, pulses, or stair step functions).

According to RIGOL, the DP2000’s features: 

  • 3 channels (rated for 32V/3A, 32V/3A and 6V/5A)
  • Total power of 222 Watts
  • Front and rear output terminals
  • 2 or 4-wire remote sensing
  • Over current and over temperature protection.
  • Connection options (LAN, USB, RS232, GBIP (option) and digital I/O)

Learn more at www.rigolna.com   

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