Vector Announces New Charging Controller for DC Wallboxes

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 19, 2021


Photo Courtesy of Vector

As an interface between the electric vehicle and the power electronics, vSECC.single controls the charging transmission for the Combined Charging System (CCS) in accordance with ISO 15118-2 and DIN SPEC 70121.

The CCS also supports CHAdeMO specified by the Japanese Charging Consortium and, in the future, will support ChaoJi. 

The powerful processor is already prepared for further use cases such as integration in energy management systems, smart home or Plug and Charge.

The vSECC.single Board can easily be assimilated into existing electronics and handles all communication within the charging station. It is connected to a base board using two connector and is prepared for bidirectional charging. The power electronics are located further away and conveniently controlled via Ethernet with the vSECC.single, which makes distances of up to 100 meters possible.

The small form factor plug-on board is particularly suitable for intelligent DC or AC wallboxes in private and commercial environments. 

Inverter and photovoltaic system manufacturers thus conveniently add electric charging to their portfolio as the controller contains all the intelligence for charging communication and controls the power electronics via CAN. 

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