Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show at embedded world 2020

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 26, 2020


Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show at embedded world 2020

Embedded Computing Design is pleased to announce all 21 winners, across eight categories, of this year's Best in Show at the embedded world trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

Embedded Computing Design is pleased to announce all 21 winners, across eight categories, of this year's Best in Show at the embedded world trade show in Nuremberg, Germany.

AI & Machine Learning

AN110 Jetson Nano Carrier - Aetina Corp.

For the AI generation nowadays, the edge computing device is blooming, Nvidia Jetson Nano features for its slim size, AI performance, and power consumption. However, Aetina's exclusive carrier board, AN110, is the one the ignite its abilities.

Vizi-AI - ADLINK Technology

The Vizi-AI starter devkit combines plug and play hardware and software enabling a faster, easier and scalable starting point for machine vision AI deployments at the edge.

i.MX8M Plus Applications Processor - NXP Semiconductors

It’s the additional coprocessors and I/O interfaces that propel the i.MX 8M Plus to greater heights. These important features ready the i.MX 8M Plus for edge applications that combine vision, speech recognition, and machine learning with graphics, audio, and more.

Analog, Power & Related Components

MAX40026 high-speed comparator - Maxim Integrated

MAX40026 is a single-supply, high-speed comparators with a typical propagation delay of 280ps. The overdrive dispersion is extremely low (typical 25ps), making this comparator ideal for time-of-flight distance measurement applications.

Computer Boards, Systems, Components & Peripherals

TS-7100 - Technologic Systems

It provides Industrial IoT specifications in an incredibly small footprint.  Allowing for easy troubleshooting in-field by simply allowing a hot-swap.  Robust design incorporates current high-speed interfaces, as well as legacy industry-standard ones.

RE1218M Rugged Embedded Computer - Crystal Group

RE1218M was designed to replace existing embedded solutions with modern, sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processing capability. It comes with thermostatically controlled fans for quiet operation and ultra-rugged structure for extreme conditions.

APZU Series - Acromag

The APZU series provides a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ multiprocessor system on a chip (MPSoC). This MPSoC integrates a feature-rich ARM-based processing system and programmable logic in a single device.


The ITX-P-C444 is unique in its combination of performance, features, and size without compromising on operating temperature dependability. The Qt Embedded BSP option allows for rapid prototyping and cross-functional development.

Development Tools & Operating Systems

Storyboard Lite - Crank Software

Storyboard Lite is unique from other development tools in that it's not a scaled-back version of our traditional UI development tool. Additionally, it is built using the same IDE. 

mVision Solutions Stack - Lattice Semiconductor

Embedded vision system designers face a variety of challenges when designing cost-efficient embedded systems. The Lattice mVision solutions stack gives developers an easy to use, low power, and reliable solution that accelerates the design of embedded vision systems.

Wind River Linux - Wind River

Wind River Linux is running on hundreds of millions of deployed devices worldwide, and the Wind River Linux suite of products and services offers a high degree of confidence and flexibility to prototype, develop, and move to real deployment.

Memory & Storage

InnoAGE SSD - Innodisk Corp.

InnoAGE SSD helps manufacturers of edge devices in IOT application such as kiosks, POS, and vending machine of Smart retail, robotic arm of Smart automation, and object detection of smart city, which add remote recovery and data security to their devices.


XFMEXPRESS is a new form-factor for flash storage supporting the PCIe and NVMe protocols. The 14mm x 18mm x 1.4mm (252mm2) device handles a theoretical bandwidth of 2GB/s, with future support for PCIe 4.0 4GB/s already factored in.

Semper NOR Flash Memory - Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress' Semper NOR Flash is changing the way the industry thinks about memory design. With its Arm Cortex M0, Semper is an advanced memory platform, and is specifically architected for applications where standard NOR flash is simply inadequate.

Microcontrollers, Microprocessors & IP

MAX32520 ChipDNA Secure Arm MCU - Maxim Integrated

MAX32520 provides an interoperable, secure, and cost-effective solution to build new generations of trusted embedded systems and communication devices such as IoT, IoT gateways, and wireless access points. It incorporates Maxim's patented ChipDNA PUF technology. ChipDNA technology involves a physically unclonable function (PUF) that enables cost-effective protection against invasive physical attacks. 

EFR32BG22 Bluetooth SoC - Silicon Labs

The EFR32BG22 (BG22) SoC family delivers best-in-class security features, wireless performance, energy efficiency, software tools, and stacks to meet market demand for high-volume, battery-powered IoT products.


UltraSoC Bus Sentinel - UltraSoC Technologies

UltraSoC Bus Sentinel allows SoC designers to control access to sensitive areas of their devices, instantaneously detect and block suspicious transactions, and build a long-term profile of system operation to secure against current and future cyber threat.

SAFERTOS Enhanced Security Module - WITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems

The new SAFERTOS Enhanced Security Module (ESM) hardens the spatial separation between user mode Tasks. Its objective is to prevent deliberate and malicious attempts to gain access to sensitive information and control of the systems.

Wired & Wireless Connectivity 

SmartBond TINY SoC - Dialog Semiconductor

The DA14531, also known as SmartBond TINY‚ is the world's smallest and most power-efficient Bluetooth 5.1 System-on-Chip. TINY minimizes the barriers typically associated with the development of BLE technology including high system cost, battery consumption, and size.

nRF52833 Bluetooth 5.1 SoC - Nordic Semiconductor

The nRF52833 is an advanced System-on-Chip supporting Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5, Thread, Zigbee, and 2.4-GHz proprietary connectivity, and includes a Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding-capable radio. Temperature qualification ranges from -40 to 105 degrees celsius.

mPower Edge Intelligence - MultiTech

mPower Edge Intelligence simplifies integration with a variety of popular upstream IoT platforms to streamline edge-to-cloud data management and analytics. It also providing the programmability and processing capability to execute critical tasks at the edge of the network to reduce latency.

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