Analog Devices to Showcase Their Latest Data Acquisition Solutions at embedded world 2020

January 28, 2020


Analog Devices to Showcase Their Latest Data Acquisition Solutions at embedded world 2020

Highlights include technology that highly integrates complete signal chains

Analog Devices’ stand at embedded world 2020 (Hall 4A, Booth #240) will have a range of demonstrations showcasing the company’s embedded-technology offerings. Highlights include technology that highly integrates complete signal chains, as well as a range of solutions to simplify the design and deployment of the highest-performance measurement systems. The company will also be delivering presentations on a wide range of topics at the show’s Conference and Exhibitor Forums.

Prominent on the stand will be a demonstration featuring MeasureWare, which greatly simplifies configuring and optimizing the performance of a measurement system The demo will show how designers who are not necessarily experts in instrumentation signal chains can get complex precision measurements up and running in minutes, without any firmware development. Analog Devices’ LTspice software will also be featured, highlighting how the simulator and its associated Error Budget calculator demo deliver high accuracy using precision converter LTspice models.

Sensing and networking for Smart Shelves are two related demonstrations. Instrumented shelves in retail outlets or warehouses can sense product quantity by weight, interrogate “smart labeling” to track individual items, and network the data gathered using ADI technologies. Among the requirements for such a system are low power operation combined with the ability to address large numbers of display points. This demonstration will feature ADI’s Rapid Net wireless protocol, and the company’s optical sensing capability.

ADI will also host the debut of the SEMADUC Kit offered by its distribution partner SEMITRON.  The kit offers a flexible platform for evaluation of any type of signal chain requirements using MikroE Click Boards. The small-form-factor system employs compatible add-on boards and provides a seamless out-of-box experience and zero hardware configuration with the MikroE SDK (firmware, application and demos). 

ADI’s partner voice INTER connect has developed vicDIVA, a professional solution for robust voice acquisition under varying environmental conditions. The platform will showcase voice INTER connect’s efficient beamforming and beam steering algorithms, using a range of microphone array configurations, that ensure excellent speech quality, isolating an individual speaker at a distance, even in the presence of surrounding noise. Low latency real-time audio processing capabilities are essential in this area, which are enabled by ADI’s scalable SHARC DSP portfolio.