ROHM’s SerDes ICs for Automotive End-to-End Monitoring

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 31, 2022


Image Provided by ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM Semiconductor  introduced a full-HD compatible (1980 x 1080 pixels) SerDes ICs (serializer: BU18TL82-M; deserializer: BU18RL82-M) for multi-display user interfaces and the capacity to chain together multiple BU18RL82-M deserializers for input transmission over many paths, and to correctly monitor video streams transmitting end-to-end, by evaluating CRC values for safety in automotive designs.

“It is important to incorporate functional safety features since frozen video in electronic mirrors and tell-tale image failures in instrument clusters can lead to serious accidents,” says Stefan Drouzas, Senior Application Marketing Manager at ROHM.

ROHM Semiconductor has minimized the quantity of connectors and cables for simplified video transmission routes. Drouzas continues, “The arrival of more and more electronic innovations in automotive applications, such as mirrors or the use of LCDs in instrument clusters, have increased the number of panels installed per vehicle, resulting in more complex video transmission paths. As this entails higher system costs and greater risk of failure, the challenge was to simplify the video transmission pathways as much as possible.”

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