Embedded Toolbox: Virtualized Sandboxing on Constrained Devices with MicroEJ VEE

May 23, 2023



Developing mixed or multiple managed code can be difficult, especially if you’re working with a resource-constrained device running on a microcontroller or microprocessor. In such instances, even code bugs that seem mundane, like a stack overflow, could cause full system crashes if they’re not caught.

But, a solution to problems like these exist in virtualization. One such tool comes from MicroEJ’s MicroEJ VEE ((Virtual Execution Environment), an applications container designed specifically for use with resource-constrained hardware. MicroEJ VEE includes fully configurable services such as a multi-application framework, storage framework, Java Cryptography Architecture implementation, a GUI framework, and more.

On this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Jerome Leroux, CTO and vice president of research and development demonstrates how MicroEJ VEE can assist with code analysis and debug tasks like sandboxing to ensure any limited memory on your device isn’t being overloaded by code errors.