Parasoft & TASKING Collab on Automotive Software Development and Automated Testing

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 26, 2023


Image Credit: Parasoft/TASKING

Monrovia, California and Munich, Germany. Parasoft and TASKING are partnering to deliver integrated testing and software development for applications with a CI/CD workflow for efficient and safe code through all protocols of the SDLC.

“This partnership improves the efficiency of our customers workflows by combining the power and flexibility of TASKING’s safety and security compliant toolsets with Parasoft’s automated static and dynamic software analysis solutions,” said Roger Smith, Technical Marketing Manager at TASKING.

The knowledge of both, Parasoft and TASKING, accelerates secure software in automotive electronic control units. The environment supports microprocessors and microcontrollers with compilers, debuggers, embedded internet, and RTOS while following the safety and security standards ISO 26262 and ISO 21434. The automated testing is TÜV-certified for safety-critical systems.

Ricardo Camacho, Director of Regulatory Safety and Security Compliance at Parasoft ends, “I’m very honored that Parasoft and TASKING have partnered in delivering the best tool choice for the development and testing of software in automotive. You'll shorten development time and ensure safe and secure code by integrating our combined solutions into your modern DevOps development ecosystem.”

To see live demonstrations and receive expert advice on automated testing, visit the companies at the Automotive Toolchain Symposium (ATS).

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