Percepio Adds Embedded Linux Support to Tracealyzer Visual Trace Diagnostic Tool

June 22, 2020


Percepio has launched an open beta test program for Tracealyzer 4.4, which adds support for embedded Linux trace data. Interested parties can download Tracealyzer with embedded Linux support from and receive a free 45-day evaluation license. This program is open until August 1st.

Tracealyzer 4.4 converts low-level trace data from Linux and other environments into overviews that simplify anomaly detection and allow developers to address them using drill-down features.

Features in the latest Tracealyzer release include:

  • Visual trace diagnostics for Linux process interactions, process forking, CPU usage, RAM usage, I/O usage, file usage, state machines, and user-defined metrics
  • Optimized trace views that scale in responsiveness and clarity for examining large Linux systems with complex process trees, forks, and system calls
  • The ability to adapt Tracealyzer using customizable event interpretation and user-defined data sets (like intervals and state machines) for advanced analysis
  • Customizable window layouts and the ability to save and load multiple layouts
  • Leverages the Common Trace Format (CTF) and LTTng tracing framework

Tracealyzer 4.4 will be released in Q3, 2020. To see Tracealyzer in action, watch the Embedded Toolbox episode below.

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