Pickering Interfaces: PXIe Embedded Controller Module

November 28, 2023


Image Credit: Pickering Interfaces

Product Description:

The 43-920-001 Gen 4 PXIe embedded controller is the most compact and powerful 3U single-slot embedded controller for the PXI Express and CompactPCI Express platforms. With its huge and future-ready interface capabilities, it is designed to handle the most demanding test and measurement applications.

The Controller is driven by an 11th generation Intel®️ Core™️ i5 processor combined with 32 GB DDR4 memory and easily supports high bandwidth applications with future-ready PCIe Gen 4 and dual 2500BASE-T system interconnectivity.


  • PXIe Compliant Embedded Controller Module
  • PXI™️-5 PXI Express Hardware Spec. Rev.2.0 Compliant
  • Maximum System Throughput 14 GB/s
  • 1 TB m.2 NVMe SSD & 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ I5-1145G7E Processor
  • Compact Form Factor for Versatile Applications

Product Website Link:https://www.pickeringtest.com/en-us/product/43-920-001-pxie-embedded-controler-module

Datasheet Link:https://www.pickeringtest.com/en-us/product/43-920-001-pxie-embedded-controler-module#download

Buy It Now Link:https://www.pickeringtest.com/en-us/product/43-920-001-pxie-embedded-controler-module

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