SEGGER J-Link Software Now Available for Microsoft Windows on Arm

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 20, 2021


SEGGER J-Link Software Now Available for Microsoft Windows on Arm

Following Microsoft recently announcing Windows on Arm, SEGGER has released a J-Link software package specifically for this platform. It can be downloaded and used with all J-Link and J-Trace units at no cost.

The software in the new package runs natively on Arm processors, ensuring that no performance or power is lost in emulation. Per the company, using J-Link and J-Trace with Windows on Arm looks and feels the same as working on an Intel/AMD-powered computer.

The new package contains the same components as the J-Link suite of software available for other operating systems and provides identical functionality. This includes command-line programs as well as GUI tools such as J-FlashJ-Flash SPI, J-Scope, the J-Link Configurator, and the GUI version of the SEGGER GDB Server.

SEGGER tested J-Link software with Windows on Arm natively using a Microsoft Surface tablet and a Raspberry Pi, as well as in a virtual machine on an Arm-powered M1 Mac.

According to the company, SEGGER J-Links are the most widely used line of debug probes on the market. J-Link opens the door to development tools, from commercial toolchains to GDB-driven ones. With features such as Real-Time Transfer (RTT) for interactive user I/O in embedded applications and High Speed Sampling (HSS) for data acquisition, J-Link is a key component of third-party utilities that provide real-time system tracing and inspection.

With J-Link comes many utilities such as the J-Link GDB Server and J-Scope for real-time time data visualization.

The J-Link software package also comes with J-Flash, a production-grade programming software, and Ozone, the J-Link debugger (J-Link PLUS or higher).
Also available is SEGGER Embedded Studio for generating, downloading, and debugging programs using J-Link.

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