1NCE and AWS Collaborate for a True Global IoT Platform

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 04, 2022


1NCE and AWS Collaborate for a True Global IoT Platform
Image Courtesy of 1NCE

Global IoT carrier 1NCE and Amazon Web Services (AWS) collaborated to release the expansion of 1NCE's IoT platform on a global scale. This brings 1NCE cloud native IoT offering closer to its customers.

The collaboration expands the 1NCE IoT platform via AWS infrastructure globally bringing the 1NCE IoT platform closer to its customers, wherever they are.  

The goal of 1NCE is to leverage AWS for a more reliable IoT service by implementing secure connectivity within specialized software applications.

"This intensified engagement with AWS also allows us to boost our network and IoT software portfolio at greatly improved conditions and with the appropriate know-how," added Younes Allaki, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 1NCE. "We can leverage synergies between the AWS infrastructure and our IoT platform which helps us to develop our next level IoT Software at low costs. This is a prerequisite to implement new features into our existing IoT Flat Rate offering, like protocol conversion, energy management and localization services."

For more information, please visit 1nce.com.

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