Eseye Releases Report Highlighting IoT Predictions for 2021

By Perry Cohen

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 28, 2021


Eseye Releases Report Highlighting IoT Predictions for 2021
Image Courtesy of Eseye

Eseye, an IoT connectivity company, predicts that data mined from user interactions with things rather than digital services will create a wealth of rich data.

Online services compile a wide range of consumer usage and behavior data, which is analyzed extensively. The data has a great effect on the creation of new personalized services.

Per a company press release, this innovation will be seen not just in the next generation of classic IoT devices, which will become much more interactive and personalized to real time behavior, but also in the development of a new set of devices created through the fusion of multiple sensors, cellular connectivity to the cloud and advanced AI techniques. This combination will enable near real-time predictions of what services should be dynamically configured into those devices to maximize revenue and collect even more data and deliver huge value.

In the company’s forecast for 2021, it included 10 IoT predictions. Some of these predictions highlight how IoT can deliver real-time visibility into food supply chains, batteries, cellular connectivity, and more.

Eseye is also analyzing mobile network operators (MNOs) and their adaptions to compete globally and why a federation approach creates a more viable economic model for MNOs to deliver IoT, as well as the emergence of virtual MNOs.

For more information, download the report. 

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