Practitest’s Update to Improve Quality and Visibility Within its Software Testing Management

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 18, 2021


PractiTest announced the general availability launch of its test automation management solution.

The offering is the only Application Lifecycle Management tool on the market today that combines the management of scripted, exploratory, and automated testing in one place. PractiTest enables users to see a product's full quality profile, benchmarking the current release to previous versions, and pointing at the areas that may require improvements before releasing them to the field. 

Organizations can capture tests from traditional testing as well as those performed by developers and DevOps teams, eliminating duplication in testing. Using the PractiTest platform decision-makers have the information needed to determine whether a product or feature is ready for release or requires additional development.

PractiTest's repository collects results from automated and manual tests from R&D team members from across the company. The dashboard syncs processes and shields against the siloed data that can lead to blind spots. Decision-makers have a comprehensive view of all testing activities, leading to meaningful insights, improved quality of software releases, and faster time to market

According to the company, the platform offers several unique features that include:

  • Data enters the system either manually or through automation components, such as API.
  • Data is viewed using flexible Smart Filters rather than folders.
  • Accessible by anyone using the system.
  • View results for each different type of test.
  • Improving organizational visibility into software readiness.

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