Dev Kit Weekly: SensorTile.Box Pro from STMicroelectronics

October 27, 2023


This little module is the new ready-to-use programmable wireless box kit for developing any IoT application based on remote data gathering and evaluation. Basically, it’s a Devkit shortcut for sensor systems and it’s a great way into IoT solutions.

The SensorTile Pro is designed for any level of experience, from novice coders to expert-level. The box kit can be implemented in any of three different modalities:

In Entry mode, you can run a wide range of already embedded IoT applications right out of the box. Just download the free ST BLE Sensor App on your smartphone or other device and you can start playing around with with any of the following applications that run from the board and have been specifically designed to work with the on-board sensors. These include: 

  • Motion: Compass, Free-fall detection, Level, Pedometer
  • Environmental: Barometer
  • Log: Data recorder
  • AI and MLC: Baby crying detector, Human activity recognition
  • User interface: Qtouch
  • Connectivity: NFC Tag

In Expert mode, users can build custom applications in the ST BLE Sensor App by selecting specific input data and operating parameters to control the corresponding in-box sensors. It also includes theability to load functions that will assess and compute collected data, and produce outputs in the format you determine, while leveraging the available algorithms.

Pro mode is where the tastiest juice is. You can get your hands dirty (metaphorically) to develop your own tailored IoT application by using the built-in STM32 open development environment (ODE) and ST function pack libraries, including a sensing AI function pack with neural network libraries. All without the need to use any code.

The board can be connected via Bluetooth to the ST BLE Sensor app in order to use the box kit in either Entry or Expert mode. For Pro mode, engineers and developers can exploit the firmware programming and debugging interface in the STM32 ODE for developing their firmware from scratch.

The PRO board comes with a long-life 480 mAh rechargeable battery, with wireless charging and a programmable NFC tag built in. It’s a great little device and a perfect tool for loading some IoT into your next solution.

If you want to find out more about the Sensor Tile Box Pro, you can visit and buy them for $116.38 each.

That's all for this edition of DevKit Weekly. Thank you for reading (and watching)!