EdgeX Foundry Geneva Release Simplifies Onboarding, Deployment of IoT Devices

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 26, 2020


According to the company, this release offers suitable security, analytics, and connectivity for IoT devices.

EdgeX Foundry announced the availability of its "Geneva" release. According to the company, this release offers suitable security, analytics, and connectivity for IoT devices. 

As the sixth release in the EdgeX Foundry roadmap, key features of Geneva include:

  • automate on-boarding to simplify, scale and quicken connection of devices by allowing automatic provisioning of devices;
  • a new rules engine written in Go for ideal performance, a smaller footprint, and more memory;
  • improved bandwidth through use of new batch and send capabilities provided in the App Functions SDK;
  • store and use/authenticate secrets to connect with cloud providers;
  • new integration and backward compatibility testing with ideal security and blackbox testing.

EdgeX Foundry works with other LF Edge projects such as Open Horizon. Launched last month, Open Horizon is a platform for managing the service software lifecycle of containerized workloads and related machine learning assets. According to the company, Open Horizon is building an integration project that will demonstrate delivery and management of EdgeX Foundry as a containerized solution in stages, beginning with a single deployable unit and then progressing to a more modular set of services and alternate delivery targets.

For more information about LF Edge and its projects, visit: https://www.lfedge.org/

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