Run a Remote Desktop Without the Usual Costs and Hassles, All From a 1U Chassis

July 07, 2022


Run a Remote Desktop Without the Usual Costs and Hassles, All From a 1U ChassisWhile not a new concept, virtualization is becoming more common due to infrastructure demands and the need for highly secure networks that can be accessed globally. At the end of the day, what users need boils down to greater compute performance, more efficient use of their racks and compute area, a simplified user-management system (software interface), increased flexibility, and global, network-wide security.

One great alternative to the conventional VDI is Atrust’s Remote PC Array platform, the RPA100. The platform holds the equivalent of 20 PCs in a single 1U server chassis. Each PC is arranged in a cartridge format. The RPA100 is also designed with the ability to hot-swap various components, including the PC cartridges themselves. Another key feature of the platform is that it operates in a highly secure fashion, thanks to its switch- and chassis-management framework software.

A few examples show how the RPA100 has been used in the real world. From the full feature set and the experience behind the RPA100, it’s obvious that Atrust is a trusted partner for VDI applications as well as any others that can take advantage of a 20-PC array. Contact the experts at Atrust for more information.

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Download Whitepaper