Samsung?s Artik Secure IoT Modules Deliver Device-to-Cloud Protection

October 19, 2017


Samsung?s Artik Secure IoT Modules Deliver Device-to-Cloud Protection

Artik IoT platform now supports a secure device-to-cloud link.

Samsung recently announced its secure “s” systems-on-modules and services for the Artik IoT Platform to strengthen edge security. With this development, the platform delivers device-to-cloud security for companies to build, develop, and manage secure, interoperable, and intelligent IoT products and services for everything from smart homes to high-tech factories. In addition,  Samsung announced that Artik will fully integrate with its SmartThings unified IoT cloud platform, enabling interoperability with both Samsung and third-party devices and IoT cloud services.

The combination of development tools and cloud connectivity gives developers everything they need to develop secure IoT products and services, including production-ready hardware, software and tools, cloud services, and a growing partner ecosystem. The new secure IoT modules enables device-level protection for safe data exchange, interoperability, and secure access to IoT services, including device onboarding, orchestration, management, and over-the-air updates.

The new Artik secure IoT modules combine hardware-backed security with pre-integrated memory, processing, and connectivity for a broad range of applications, from simple edge nodes like sensors and controllers, to home appliances, healthcare monitors, and gateways for smart factories. This helps protect data and prevent devices from being taken over, disabled, or used maliciously.