Aetina and Viscovery Collaborate on a Smart Retail Checkout System Upgraded at Edge

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 16, 2020


Retail intellectualize: Edge AI checkout system for more efficiency retail smart solution.

GPGPU and edge computing solution provider Aetina and Viscovery have collaborated on an edge AI solution for visual recognition that could help the owners of retail improve operational efficiency and optimize the shopping experience.

Viscovery produces products based on AI and deep learning technology, providing AI visual solutions for retail. Moreover, Viscovery combined their algorithm with Aetina’s edge computing platform, powered by NVIDIA Jetson, to build an AI product image recognition and auto-checkout system. The system could help retail staff with product recognition and setting up a checkout list.

Aetina pre-integrated the platform with software and peripheral hardware to maintain and update BSP and DTB regularly and set cloud management system for the smart application. Additionally, Aetina designed the industrial edge computing platform with a small-form-factor. It also integrated the MIPI interface camera module, providing a suitable environment for visual AI applications.

The solution combined the Aetina platform and Viscovery algorithm as a small and reliable recognition host. It provides retail owners a suitable deployment of their smart application. According to the company, the platform is high-temperature, oil resistant, and able to adapt to a harsh environment.

The computing platform and algorithm helps retailers defend the rapid growth of technical issues. The cooperation of Aetina and Viscovery could solve the retail industry's challenge and bring up a new era on edge AI applications.

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