Product of the Week: Avalue Technology’s Agile Line of Motherboards, Systems, and Touch Panel PCs

August 21, 2023

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Product of the Week: Avalue Technology’s Agile Line of Motherboards, Systems, and Touch Panel PCs

On their own, embedded motherboards, box PCs, and touch panel PCs are capable of supporting their respective environments, such as smart retail, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and other embedded solutions, with high performance and low latency.

But the combination of a motherboard and box PC, or a touch panel PC and a box PC, can unlock a wider range of application areas within the aforementioned industries, like gaming, digital signage, industrial automation, and HMI.

Providing a complete line of low power consumption and high performance products, Avalue Technology Inc’s Agile line supports the previously mentioned applications and industries with two embedded motherboards, an all-in-one box PC system, and two multitouch touch panel PCs.

Avalue Technology’s Agile Line in Action

All featuring the 11th generation low-power Intel Core processor (codenamed Tiger Lake) manufactured using Intel’s third-generation 10nm process, the Agile Line is equipped with Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 support, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, efficient AI and machine learning performance and multitasking, and more.

The Agile Line maintains low-latency for time-sensitive applications, and possesses the ability to execute multiple workloads on a single platform. It also features an ultra-low-power design with low-power high-speed characteristics, enabling synchronous communication between multiple devices, and supports TPM2.0 hardware security.

The Agile Line products include:

  • Embedded Motherboards:
    • ECM-TGUC: 3.5-inch low-power single-board computer for IoT and industrial automation.
    • EMX-TGLC: Mini-ITX industrial embedded single-board computer with dual Gigabit Ethernet support for industrial control, NAS server, and multimedia center.
  • Box PC:
    • ACS10-TGU: small all-in-one system supporting high-speed and stable connectivity for IoT applications requiring real-time response and analysis.
  • Touch Panel PCs:
    • ARC-1738: full-flat rugged multitouch touch panel PC for industrial automation applications.
    • APC-2138: Thin and lightweight full-flat multitouch touch panel PC for light industry operations requiring water and dust resistance.

Getting Started with Avalue Technology’s Agile Line

All of the products in the Agile Line of motherboards, systems, and touch panel PCs are available now, with the exception of the APC-2138 multi-touch fanless panel PC, which is coming soon.

Customers also have the option to add on any product in the Avalue Agile Line as per their own requirements for faster deployment and implementation. Avalue Technology is also a Titanium member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.

View Avalue Technology’s YouTube channel for further information regarding their current and upcoming products. For example, the previously highlighted ACS10-TGU can be viewed below.

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