NXP Announces Collaboration with Plug and Play’s Open Innovation Platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 12, 2022


NXP Announces Collaboration with Plug and Play’s Open Innovation Platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN

NXP joins Plug and Play’s Open Innovation Platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN to connect with startups from all over the world and to drive technologies of the future.

The Open Innovation Platform scouts for startups from all over the world with the aim to validate technologies in proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and pilot projects. The primary goal of the platform is to grow and nurture these pilots and transfer them into a production-ready implementation, partner with startups or find investment use cases.

Plug and Play will connect NXP with startups to address industry-wide challenges that require collaboration to find viable and long-lasting solutions. The program addresses the needs of NXP and comprises topics from the fields of the future of mobility, IoT, sustainability, and beyond. Their collaborative open innovation approach will allow NXP to build new relationships, improve efficiencies across the value chain, and drive future disruptions in the market place. They will also act as an important channel for cultural mindset change, as their approach will usually directly involve business leaders, product leaders, and many other employees from across the whole organization.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN, powered by Plug and Play, focuses on identifying startups that can provide the most innovative solutions to technical challenges. The team runs more than 60 accelerator programs every year in more than 18 industry-themed programs. They match corporate partners, such as NXP, with relevant startups for business development, strategic partnerships, investment, and mergers and acquisitions. The basis of each program is the collaboration between the two entities, which hold an equal footing from the beginning of the partnership.

For more information, visit: www.nxp.com

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