Z-Wave Alliance to Release its ZWLR in EU

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 06, 2024


Image Credit: Z-Wave Alliance

Beaverton, Oregon. Z-Wave Alliance announced that it has completed the specification for Z-Wave LR (ZWLR) for the European market, and will be made available to member companies in an upcoming release. “From the moment we announced ZWLR for the North American market, the Alliance has been hard at work to make the spec available to our valued members in Europe,” said Avi Rosenthal, Chairman of the Board, Z-Wave Alliance. “With the specification complete, the Alliance will soon announce ZWLR certification program details and once released, ZWLR will be available to European Z-Wave Alliance members for product development.”    

ZWLR delivers expanded options for smart homes, multi-dwelling units, hospitality, and more. ZWLR was designed as a communication protocol for applications requiring high-performance, increased scale, low power, increased device security, and range. ZWLR can support up to 4000 nodes on a single network.

Z-Wave can support both a mesh network and a star network running within the same frequency range. Existing Z-Wave mesh and the new ZWLR nodes can collaborate on the same network. ZWLR’s star network topology features the gateway/hub as a focal point and then determines a direct point-to-point connection to end devices providing a significant decrease in latency between the gateway/hub and the components. Utilizing Z-Wave, manufacturers have access to the “self-healing” properties of mesh networks.

Included is a single coin-cell battery capable of a maturity up to ten years by leveraging dynamic power control on end point devices. According to Z-Wave Alliance, the feature enables ZWLR devices to automatically adjust and optimize the radio output power of every transmission and supports future-proof Z-Wave device installations.

For more information, visit z-wavealliance.org.

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