DEV KIT WEEKLY: Arduino Sensor Kit

May 07, 2021



It’s ideal for use with the Arduino Uno Rev 3 – sold separately. But if you have one or are able to get your hands on one (they cost about $20) this Sensor Kit will show you how to connect and program Grove modules containing sensors and actuators.

It all starts with a Base Shield that fits on top of an Uno Rev 3 and provides 16 Grove connectors that allow the modules to access the Arduino’s pins. From there, users can simply pop the any of 10 Grove modules out of the PCB here and plug them into the shield using one or more of the six included cables. The sensors and actuators on themselves are already pre-wired onto the modules, so no soldering or additional hardware engineering is required.

  • A light sensor
  • A microphone
  • A “buzzer”, or, more specifically, a piezo speaker that generates binary sounds
  • An air pressure sensor that leverages the I2C protocol
  • A temperature and humidity sensor
  • An accelerometer
  • A potentiometer for adjusting resistance
  • A push button
  • An LED that can be that messages can be printed on

Beyond these, hundreds of other Grove modules can be integrated into an Uno Rev 3 via the base shield in exactly the same way. Once there, you’re ready to start programming with the Arduino IDE.

If you’re into raffles, today might be double lucky for you. That’s because we are raffling off an Arduino Sensor Kit AS WELL AS an Arduino Uno Rev 3 board we had at the office for absolutely free. To enter the raffle, just fill out the form below. Anyone, anywhere is eligible.


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Good luck in the raffle and we’ll see you next week on Dev Kit Weekly.