Dev Kit Weekly: Infineon’s PSoC® 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit

April 14, 2023

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Connectivity is crucial across just about every prominent industry from industrial to automotive, but especially in IoT. Not only that, but your connectivity solutions also have to be accommodating to the small form factors and low-power requirements frequently characteristic of connected IoT devices. Luckily, Infineon has a solution that addresses these requirements while still keeping performance levels high.

The Cypress PSoC® 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit from Infineon, I’m sure you can guess, is designed for connectivity. The onboard PSoC 62 MCU is based on a 32-bit dual CPU subsystem that consists of a 150-MHz Arm6® Cortex®-M4F CPU with single-cycle multiply, floating point, and memory protection unit (MPU); alongside a 100-MHz Cortex-M0+ CPU with single-cycle multiply and MPU. With over two thousand kilobytes of integrated flash memory and over a thousand kilobytes of SRAM, the PSoC 62’s low 1.7V to 3.6V power requirement makes it ideal for deployment in small, connected IoT devices. Keeping with the theme of programmability we’ve had for the last few videos, the kit’s PSoC® 62 also features programmable analog and digital blocks.

Perhaps the star of the show, though, is the Murata 1LV 2.4/5.0-GHz WLAN and Bluetooth functionality module based on the Cypress CYW43012 chipset. The dual-band Murata module supports Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/LE, and makes use of a dual mode AP and STA network topology. All this connectivity is bundled into a 10 x 7.2 x 1.4 mm package, further adding to the “small but mighty” theme of the Pioneer Kit.

The Pioneer Kit also includes Infineon’s 4Mbit EXCELONTM Ultra Quad SPI nonvolatile ferroelectric memory, which enables fast, local, and energy-efficient data logging at speeds comparable to battery-backed solutions — that’s a pretty nifty characteristic to have when you’re already working a device that has limited space and power availability.

Since this kit is intended for implementation in IoT applications, and we can’t really talk IoT without addressing sensing capabilities, it’s worth mentioning that thisPSoC® 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit also includes Infineon’s 4th Gen CAPSENSETM capacitive sensing interface technology on two buttons and a five-segment slider.

The PSoC® 62S2 Pioneer Kit is supported in a couple different development environments. First, the ModusToolboxTM software suite, which includes the ModusToolbox IDE where you can program and debug your device, as well as configure and enable middleware libraries and device resources. There is a repository of ModusToolbox v1.0-compatible code examples you can try out on your PSoC® 62S2 Pioneer Kit available on GitHub. Additionally, the Pioneer Kit is supported by Mbed OS, and there are also plenty of compatible code examples, hosted on GitHub, available to view online.

So, that was pretty general overview of the PSoC® 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit, but if you’d like to learn more, you can visit the product page on Infineon’s website. If you’re ready to get to connecting your IoT devices, you can order your own Pioneer Kit from Digi-Key for $123.75. Of course, if you’d rather save your money, you can also enter this week’s raffle, linked below, for a chance to win this kit for free. Good luck!

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