Knowles Releases AISonic Bluetooth Standard Solution Development Kit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 09, 2021


Knowles Releases AISonic Bluetooth Standard Solution Development Kit
(Image courtesy of Knowles)

Knowles Corporation, released the AISonic™ Bluetooth® Standard Solution as a complete development solution that enables fast and easy voice integration to Bluetooth devices.

AISonic Bluetooth Standard Solution is one package available under Knowles' new line of reference solutions for voice activation, control, and contextual audio processing for applications including IoT devices, TVs, portable speakers, and more

The kit is built upon Knowles’ AISonic Audio Edge Processor IA8201 to enable wake-on-voice functionality in small, battery-operated devices.

The package balances scalability and flexibility to bring ease of integration across a myriad of embedded platforms.

The kit features an IA8201 reference board accompanied with an API supporting integration with Bluetooth chipsets having an embedded MCU running an RTOS, and system firmware release configured to support sensors and pre-integrated microphones from Knowles to enable the highest quality audio capture.

The AISonic Bluetooth Standard Solution also includes algorithms for an Audio Front End suitable for use with many voice assistants or cloud-based ASR APIs.

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