Active Silicon Announces Faster Interface Boards in its Expanded FireBird Range

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 11, 2020


Active Silicon is turbo-charging imaging systems with its new range of FireBird CoaXPress frame grabbers.

The 4xCXP-12 acquisition card (PCIe Gen3 x8; CoaXPress v2.0) is the latest addition. With speeds up to 12.5 Gbps per link, it supports fast cameras, allows acquisition of high-speed, high-resolution images in real-time. The board is ideal for single or multi-camera solutions in high-speed applications, such as industrial inspection.

Based on a Gen3 PCI Express interface, the new frame grabber uses the ActiveDMA RISC-based engine to guarantee zero CPU intervention, providing high-speed and low-latency image data transfers. Long cable lengths are supported, up to 35m at 12.5 Gbps and 100m at 3.125 Gbps using Belden 1694A cable, or even longer lengths using thicker cables.

For more cost-sensitive projects, the 4xCXP12-3PE4 version offers ideal value and features. Similar in price to Active Silicon’s CXP-6 quad frame grabber, this board supports CXP-12 for dual applications, as well as quad CXP-6, along with many of the advantages of the 3PE8 board.

Features of the new CoaXPress boards include:

• High-speed data, power and camera control all over a single cable.

• Fast PCI Express 4-lane and 8-lane Gen3 interfaces.

• ActiveDMA engine – RISC-based acquisition with zero CPU usage.

• Comprehensive I/O including end panel I/O.

• CoaXPress v2.0 support.

• Supports PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress).

• Micro-BNC connectors.

• Standard half-length PCI form-factor.

• Full GenICam support (including GenTL Producer).

All Active Silicon frame grabbers come with the comprehensive ActiveSDK Software Development Kit which allows integrators to develop applications together with a range of third-party software drivers.

In addition to its CoaXPress series, Active Silicon also manufactures and supplies a range of Camera Link frame grabbers, camera interface boards, cameras and embedded vision systems.

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