New Standard for Solder-On Modules Now Available

March 02, 2021

Press Release

New Standard for Solder-On Modules Now Available

Company iesy GmbH presents first Open Standard Modules™

Germany, February 26th, 2021 - iesy GmbH, a specialist for customized embedded systems, will be exhibiting at the embedded world 2021 DIGITAL trade fair from March 1st to 5th. March the first OSM™ modules of a new product family of solder-on modules. In November 2020, the specification for Open Standard Module™ - OSM™ - was adopted by SGeT e.V. To meet future requirements in terms of miniaturization, scalability and cost efficiency, Martin Steger, owner and managing director of iesy GmbH, sees these modules as an important further development for the market of embedded computer modules. "In addition to the broadly based performance offered by the modules, the positive effect on the cost structure is particularly impressive", says Steger. Thanks to OSM™ solder-on modules, the respective customer requirements can be addressed individually using customer-specific base boards. For this purpose, the modules can be fitted and processed fully automatically in the SMT assembly process.

Four form factors for different application areas
The list of advantages of the Open Standard Modules™ already starts with the smallest module of the series. With a size of just 15 x 30 mm, the Size-0 module is smaller than a stamp. In addition, there are three other module sizes with the dimensions 30 x 30 mm (Size-S), 30 x 45 mm (Size-M) and 45 x 45 mm (Size-L). All required drivers and BSPs for Yocto-Linux are available as open source software via GitHub.
As a new computer-on-module standard, the familiar advantages also apply to OSM™. The design-in of complex application processors is simplified, scalable and future-proof.

Variable and equipped with numerous interfaces
With its four sizes, the OSM's are variable in terms of interfaces and performance. In the maximum configuration, the Open Standard Modules™ map all functions that an open programmable embedded, edge or IoT system requires as a maximum. For example, OSM™ resolution modules from Size-S already have digital & analog video interfaces, several Gbit LAN ports and a Camera Serial Interface (CSI). On modules with Size-L, a total of up to 79 interfaces on 662 pins are available. Of these, 58 signal pins are reserved especially for manufacturer-specific & future expansions.

For current Size-S modules, iesy initially relies on NXP® and Rockchip® as CPU manufacturers. For Size-0 modules an ESP32 microcontroller is used. As usual, customer-specific developments are desired and can be reliably implemented at iesy.

Another conceptual advantage of OSM™ is the possibility of equipping the solder-on modules on both sides. With the terms "Flat" and "Extended", the standard describes a modular concept for the height structure.

In addition, the Open Standard Modules™ are also suitable as a retrofit solution for existing wireless applications. Thus, some of the solder-on modules have wireless interfaces such as WLAN, Bluetooth or Sub-1G.

Open Source
In terms of both hardware and software, the concept takes an open source approach. Data is reliably revised and made available via a Git repository - this data is thus available to every developer worldwide. The goal here is to enable a high degree of transparency and to reduce support costs to a minimum.

Market launch at embedded world DIGITAL 2021
"At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, we will demonstrate that we have thought through the OSM™ idea," says Martin Steger. In addition to the first modules for the Size-0 and Size-S form factors, an evaluation board in Mini-ITX format will also be presented." In the future, all Open Standard Modules™ should be able to be soldered and tested on this carrier," says the iesy CEO.

Conclusion - OSM™ has become reality
With the first three OSM™ computer modules developed in-house, iesy GmbH is one of the first embedded computing companies to take a concrete approach to OSM™. The fact that a universally applicable carrier board has already been developed shows how stringently and focused iesy implements the topic of Open Standard Modules™ as an embedded specialist. It is therefore not surprising that Martin Steger is holding out the prospect of further modules. "With these modules, we prove to our customers that customer-specific requirements and cost optimization do not have to be a contradiction. Further high-performance modules are already being planned," says the iesy CEO, referring to modules OSM™ with Size-M and Size-L in the concept phase.

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