Recab UK Offers A New Level of Edge Parallel Processing

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 04, 2022


Image Provided by Recab UK

While the global edge computing market is expected to double in size by 2026, Recab UK is bringing the latest generation of congatec’s computer-on-modules (COMs) to businesses across the UK now.

Combined with the company’s extensive experience in rugged embedded design, the COMs can provide a reliable platform for high-performance computing in:

  • Rail
  • Renewable Power
  • Marine
  • Military Applications

Recab UK offers ten new COMs from congatec in COM-HPC Client Size A, COM-HPC Client Size C and COM Express Type 6 form factors. The COMs are built on the latest 12th generation Intel Core processors, which feature Intel’s new performance hybrid architecture combining P-cores and E-cores with Intel Thread Director for improved management and execution of heavy workloads.

According to Recab UK, the COMs boast up to 14 cores and 20 threads on ball grid array (BGA) or 16 cores and 24 threads on land grid array (LGA) mounted modules, with up to six or eight P-cores (BGA/LGA). This supports a significant improvement in multitasking capabilities and scalability, which is complemented by Real-Time Systems’ hypervisor technology and Intel Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) to make the module an ideal option for applications involving more intensive parallel workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI).

“As the value of the edge computing market grows, so too does the complexity of the tasks being performed,” explains Martin Frederiksen, managing director of Recab UK. “The military and defence sector highlights this with its growing need for real-time advanced AI or graphical processing at the edge to process inputs rapidly, whether from a surveillance drone or land vehicle. Balancing high compute performance with efficiency is invaluable for embedded systems, and that can be more readily achieved with the latest generation COMs.

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