HMS Networks Launches a New IR-Based Intesis Interface

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 16, 2021


HMS Networks Launches a New IR-Based Intesis Interface

HMS Networks launched a new IR-based Intesis AC interface that enables integration of any air conditioning unit, regardless of brand, into Modbus or BACnet building automation systems.

The Intesis offering includes AC interfaces enabling the monitoring and control of air conditioning units from home or building automation systems.

Per the company, the portfolio is strengthened with HMS' launch of a universal IR-based Intesis AC interface for integrating AC units to Modbus or BACnet-based automation systems. The new interface connects to the AC unit via the IR link which is already used by most AC units to communicate with their remote control. The Intesis IR-based AC Interface is compatible with more than 100 IR remote controllers and their associated AC units.

The new AC interface solution is configured using the Intesis MAPS tool, which offers advantages for the system integrator. With a project-based configuration, all the interfaces installed can be configured in a single MAPS template, enabling users to copy device configurations and set up new projects. The diagnostics function allows the commissioning process and any post-installation assistance is also simplified.

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