A Secure Vault for Every Device: IoT Security with Hardware Root-of-Trust SDKs

April 26, 2022


A Secure Vault for Every Device: IoT Security with Hardware Root-of-Trust SDKsRoot of Trust (RoT) technology is becoming a requirement for securing connected devices, their data, and, by extension, the entire infrastructure they communicate with.

But just like we learned in other areas of the IoT, hardware can be limiting. Hardware RoTs mean additional upfront expense, increased time to market, and reduced in-field flexibility. As a black box, they can block out threats as well as embedded and IoT software developers working with them. Regardless of the application or use case, engineers are often at the mercy of vendor functions programmed in at manufacture.

There’s also the option of building your own RoT into commodity hardware. Of course, this is risky. In fact, without a team of experienced security professionals, it may be riskier and more costly than utilizing whatever limited off-the-shelf protections are available in today’s most basic silicon.

There has never been much middle ground, until now.

Now, security IP providers are working to integrate state-of-the-art RoT capabilities available in technologies such as SRAM physically unclonable functions (PUFs) in software development kits (SDKs) that bridge the accessibility gap.

The first of these is Intrinsic ID’s BK Software IP.

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