Axiado Leverages Deep AI for its Single-Chip TCU

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 26, 2023


San Jose, California. Axiado Corporation released its AX3000 and AX2000, the first AI-based hardware security solution trusted control/compute units (TCUs) developed to mitigate ransomware attacks. The TCU seamlessly integrates “the last line of defense” within a singular SoC. By having it located in the base of the hardware stack, Axiado’s TCU can detect, intercept, and recover the system via isolating an attack from the network.

The compact module includes TCUs combine silicon, AI and data collection, and software designed specifically for security. It relies on a dedicated coprocessor constructed on real-time and proactive AI, for a solution that will be inherently safe, secure, and resilient.

Being designed exclusively for security, the TCU protects against ant-tampering and anti-counterfeit hardware by means of a SmartNIC network interface controller for platform and tenant virtualization. Side channel and ransomware attacks such as, voltage glitching and clock manipulation, are detected with integration of the TCU. Designed for heavy AI and machine learning (ML) utilization, the TCU creates forensic-enabled hardware fingerprints with platform monitoring to optimize clocks, voltages, and temps.

The SoC Features:

  • Root of Trust (RoT)
  • Baseboard management controller (BMC)
  • Trusted platform module (TPM)
  • Hardware security module
  • SmartNIC
  • Firewall
  • AI and machine learning

Axiado will demonstrate the AX3000 and AX2000 during Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30-June 2, 2023.


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