WISeKey Innovates "Post-Quantum" Strategy for Future PKI Services

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 31, 2022


WISeKey revealed advances in its “Post-Quantum” strategy designed to support a new grade of future-proof PKI services.

WISeKey revealed its new selection of Trust of Services taking the recent progress in post-quantum encryption (PQE) and utilizing the discoveries in useful applications for digital signatures and encryption using PKI and digital certificates.

The standard based services can be enhanced for quantum attacks while offering backwards compatibility with active components.

WISeKey implements PQE on the idea of “hybrid signatures”, combining in a single X.509 certificate with a standard signature and another applying a PQE algorithm. WISeKey’s method guarantees backwards compatibility with a fresh lok at cybersecurity services.

In the coming months, WISeKey is set to present the first  “Root of Trust” centered on PQE algorithms. It will be the corner stone of an innovative portfolio of Trust Services.

The work within post-quantum cryptography is moving toward the control of vulnerabilities associated with quantum computing technologies. According to WISeKey it has potential to be used by hackers giving them the ability to work learn the cryptography algorithms for a chance to corrupt cybersecurity and compromise global.

“WISeKey is, once more, demonstrating a clear focus on playing an active role shaping the future of the internet security. We have a solid approach in developing new products to implement post-quantum encryption technologies, and for this we will be dedicating all the necessary R&D resources,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey.

For more information, please visit, wisekey.com.

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