Road to embedded world '23: San Francisco, California, Scalarr

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 24, 2023


Road to embedded world '23: San Francisco, California, Scalarr
Image Credit: Scalarr

Everyone should be “reinforcing your security resilience” and Scalarr may have the cyber security solutions you are looking for. Scalarr will be presenting at embedded world 2023 in hall 3 booth 107 showcasing its AI EdgeLabs, an advanced AI-powered cybersecurity solution for Edge/IoT distributed environment.

Highlights of the AI EdgeLabs presentation at Embedded World 2023 include the demonstration of the tool’s major features and benefits, inclusive of:

  • Pre-trained machine learning algorithms for immediate outputs
  • Self-learning neural networks to deal with complex, multi-layered threats and attacks
  • Self-adaptive learning platform to any infrastructure and traffic topology changes
  • Reinforcement learning to protect from 0-day attacks and provide autonomous response to incidents.

AI EdgeLabs is pre-trained and ready for immediate use, offering extensive proof of concepts for companies looking to secure their Edge/IoT environments.


It has modular architecture which is written entirely in Rust, a modern and secure programing language, that boosts performance. It uses the latest eBPF technology to trace and collect system activity information directly from the kernel.

AI EdgeLabs Sensor

The EdgeLabs Sensor is a proprietary network telemetry and threat prevention software agent. It holds the AI-powered model stack that constantly checks network and device behavior via pre-trained and self-learning ML and RL algorithms, as well as prevents and blocks threat sources in real-time.

For more information on Scalarr’s AI EdgeLabs view the data sheet here, where you will read more about key features and integration.

To learn more about Scalarr’s solutions, visit


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