NXP Releases Its New Certified EdgeLock Secure Authenticator 

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 01, 2022


Image Provided by NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors announced a new device in its EdgeLock secure authenticator family, designed with the flexibility, adaptability and versatility needed to help ensure security across multiple standards in various IoT ecosystems.

Authentication plays an important role within IoT ecosystems as it:

  • Verifies device identities during secure communication
  • Assesses whether data comes from trustworthy sources
  • Checks authenticity of product sub-components, to ensure overall systems integrity, product safety and performances
  • Verifies the authenticity of a product or component

The EdgeLock A5000 by NXP Semiconductors, is a scalable solution for authentication applications where security is vital throughout the product lifecycle.

Accompanying NXP’s EdgeLock secure element family, the EdgeLock secure authenticator family is designed to take on the growing demand for security in authentication applications. The EdgeLock A5000 secure authenticator provides a highly secure, Common Criteria EAL6+ AVA_VAN.5 (up to the OS) certified solution to enable authentication mechanisms. EdgeLock A5000 is designed to work as a turnkey authentication plug-in with any type of microcontroller, microprocessor, or connectivity platform, such as Wi-Fi SoC.

Supporting a wide temperature range (-40 to +105 °C) helps enable the A5000 to be used in applications such as:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Smart city infrastructure components
  • Appliances

The EdgeLock A5000 arrives with dedicated application guidelines and software examples for individual use cases such as:

  • Device authentication
  • Cloud onboarding
  • Inclusion in the Matter smart home ecosystem
  • Smart metering
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Qi 1.3 wireless charging authentication
  • Gaming

This allows the focus to be on the specific application implementation needed, while also providing a secure solution that can be easily scaled for different products within their ecosystem.

NXP Semiconductors has made it so that developers do not need to establish a complex and costly key management infrastructure to handle devices’ credentials when leveraging NXP secure infrastructure and services through EdgeLock 2GO. This includes EdgeLock 2GO Custom for creating custom ICs to support complex configurations or to comply with Qi 1.3 and Matter standards and EdgeLock 2GO Managed for managing credentials and multiple services, such as credential rotation, throughout the device lifecycle.

“Authentication is pivotal to establish trust in secure devices within IoT ecosystems, but at the same time, implementing it is a challenging endeavor,” said Christian Lackner, Senior Director of IoT security and smart products authentication at NXP. “The EdgeLock A5000 makes the development of secure devices easy and scalable, allowing developers to focus on differentiating their IoT solution.” 

For more information, visit nxp.com.

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