Engineering Hero: From AI and IoT to the International Space Station

August 01, 2023

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Welcome to the first installment of our Engineering Heroes series, where we recognize design engineers and developers who do amazing work that impacts countless lives around the world. They are not known to most and receive very little credit outside of the teams they work with. And frankly, our heroes are fine with that — but we think they deserve some recognition. If not for their incredible innovations, many of our modern inventions would not exist, or would have come far later.

The hero we are honoring here was involved in a project related to the world famous International Space Station, flight-qualifying still-maturing hardware for use in the Intelligent Space Station Interface. Yet the name Daire McNamara remains mostly unknown.

Daire, a lifelong resident of Ireland, works as a director, project manager, and firmware developer at Emdalo Technologies, a small embedded software development company that specializes in chip bringup, among other engineering disciplines like embedded Linux, combining it with the appropriate hardware to perform AI at the IoT Edge.

But we’d like Daire to tell you his own story. Check out the video.

The Engineering Heroes program is brought to you by Wind River.