Product of the Week: Parasoft’s C/C++test CT for Continuous Testing & Compliance

April 15, 2024

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Product of the Week: Parasoft’s C/C++test CT for Continuous Testing & Compliance

Software development processes are becoming increasingly challenging as newer and more advanced technologies are pushed to the forefront. Developers need software solutions that continuously support code quality, productivity, reliability, and the ability to utilize high-quality software efficiently and effectively in various applications and industries.

Parasoft’s C/C++test CT (continuous testing) solution is designed for large software development teams of safety- and security-critical C and C++ products, providing a wide variety of features tailored to the test automation and continuous compliance of these products.

Parasoft’s C/C++test CT in Action

One of the key features of the C/C++test CT is its ability to integrate into developers’ desktop environments and modern CI/CD workflows by eliminating the need to use specific IDEs or GUIs and replacing them with compatible containers and an extension for VS Code users. This feature further supports larger and more complex systems and even small applications with the use of an IDE-independent command line-oriented toolchain.

For dynamic analysis, the Parasoft C/C++ test CT offers code coverage metrics such as Function, Line, Statement, Block Branch, Decision, Call, and MC/DC.

The C/C++test CT solution supports code coverage and test automation enabled by the systems’ visibility into code coverage, and maintenance of coverage thresholds across coverage types like statement coverage, branch coverage, and MC/DC (modified condition/decision coverage).

More support comes from the solution's ability to integrate code coverage requirements into CI pipelines by exposing missing test vectors and automating code coverage requirements testing.

The C/C++test CT solution prioritizes requirements traceability reporting, especially in safety-critical software development, by correlating test coverage with requirements, assuring robust software, enabling the interconnection of cover coverage and requirements traceability, and understanding risk reduction in critical environments.

Getting Started with Parasoft’s C/C++test CT

For comprehensive, centralized reporting and analytics for trend monitoring and progress tracking for varying coverage metrics, Parasoft’s DTP, a web-based central reporting system is included with the C/C++test CT solution. This feature further provides users with information on compliance and quality processes.

Lastly, the C/C++test CT is capable of integrating with open-source unit testing frameworks such as GoogleTest, Boost.Test, and CppUnit. Parasoft also expects TÜV certification for the C/C++test CT soon after its launch.

For a closer look into the solution, register for Parasoft’s webinar, Unveiling Parasoft C/C++test CT for Continuous Testing & Compliance Excellence here.

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