Embedded World 2022 Best in Show Winners: Memory & Storage

June 17, 2022


Embedded World 2022 Best in Show Winners: Memory & Storage

Winners have been chosen based on a 15-point rubric that considers solutions’ Design Excellence (5 points), Relative Performance (5 points), and Market Impact/Disruption (5 points).

The Embedded Computing Design editorial staff is pleased to present this year’s embedded world Best-in-Show winners in the Memory & Storage category:

Exascend's Industrial-grade PCIe Gen4 x4 PI4 Series E1.S SSD 

Launched in late 2021 in a lineup of Exascend's industrial-grade PCIe NVMe Gen4 SSDs, the rugged E1.S SSD marks a significant step forward in the company's mission to deliver enterprise-class performance across applications that demand industrial-grade flash storage solutions. At the same power input, E1.S SSDs deliver better thermal performance. This leads to improved energy efficiency and product longevity. The E1.S lineup boasts low power draw, full-disk encryption, and high sustained PCIe performance in storage capacities up to 7,680 GB.

Innodisk Ultra Temperature DDR4 DRAM Module

System heat constraints are a constant headache for system designers who must accommodate heat-sensitive components into their designs.

This constraint is an increasingly big problem as modern designs become more and more compact where heat-generating intensive computing and data processing in closed installation spaces. Ultra Temperature memory eradicates these issues in one step, going beyond the typical industrial-grade temperature range to support from -40º to 125º. The series opens the doors for new industrial applications, such as self-driving applications, fanless embedded systems, and the mission-critical field.

Tuxera's Flash Memory Testing Service

Tuxera Flash Memory Testing Service is a flash memory validation service helping OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to determine the best choice for their embedded flash storage needs.

Today's embedded systems are developing rapidly, bringing new functionality and challenges. Previously read-only systems are logging and using more and more data, and this has a big impact on the overall user experience and lifetime of the devices. Tuxera's Flash Memory Testing Services provides workload analysis and lifetime testing, helping you mitigate risks associated with your data storage stack.