SAS flash disk with 24 Tbyte capacity from Novachips

February 06, 2018


SAS flash disk with 24 Tbyte capacity from Novachips

Scalar 270 Series - High end HLNAND SSD with SAS interface with capacities up to 24TB in 2.5 "format with 15mm height


With more capacity, performance and guaranteed quality of service, the Scalar 270 SAS SSD is designed for enterprise server and storage applications.

The extremely high capacities of up to 24 Tbytes are made possible by HyperLink technology, which eliminates the magical 2 Tbytes limit without sacrificing performance and reliability. In contrast to Standard NAND's Parallel Bus topology, which is reaching its limits in terms of performance and signal quality, HL NAND uses a point-to-point ring topology that keeps bus utilization low and signal quality and performance high.

The Scalar 270 SSD is equipped with a dual port 6-Gbit / s SAS interface and supports up to 128 simultaneous I / O operations and 32 initiators on the SCSI side.

Internally, the SSD uses an integrated SAS bridge and, on the system side, a single-chip SATA controller with 8 HL NAND flash channels.

The Scalar 270 SSD comes in an industry-standard form factor that integrates easily with any storage system, and also meets all the criteria required by data centers. In addition to a data throughput of up to 500 Mbytes/s and 50,000 IO / PS and the high storage density, this also includes the quality of service or the hot-swap capability.

For special requirements, a version with extended operating temperature range can be realized in capacities up to 12 Tbytes.