Road to embedded world: Apacer Stores Your New ew Tech

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 18, 2024


Road to embedded world: Apacer Stores Your New ew Tech
Image Credit: Apacer

Embedded Computing Design’s Road to Embedded World will highlight a host of embedded suppliers who will be showcasing their latest products and technologies at Embedded World, April 9th to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. Embedded World is the largest global gathering of its kind. Check back regularly to see where the Road to Embedded World takes us.

A must see at embedded world is Apacer’s exhibition where its innovative industrial storage solutions that focus on embedded security, sustainability, and high capacity storage will be highlighted at hall 1, booth 310. Visit Apacer to get to know its industrial WORM (Write Once, Read Many) drives and memory cards. WORM drives do not have hardware restrictions and deliver robust security in such applications as voting machines, finance, tax, law, medicine, and cash registers.


Apacer will introduce the world's first completely lead-free memory module, which according to Apacer, enables customers to use DDR5 modules without re-validation when the EU RoHS Directive exemptions for lead expire in July 2024 (RoHS 7(c)-I) and July 2026 (RoHS 7(c)-V). 

Critical Applications

For critical applications, highlighted will be the ST180-25 high-capacity SSD series with capacities up to 16 TB. The FIPS 140-2 certified SSDs are the ideal for U.S. federal agencies, healthcare, financial services, 5G infrastructure, and defense.

Enterprise SSD

Apacer's enterprise SSD delivers large capacities, robust performance, efficiency, and low latency. Showcased will be DWPD>1 (Drive Writes per Day), data encryption, and power loss protection. Expected in the near future is the certification of the "Windows Hardware Quality Lab" and "VMware Ready".

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