embedded world 2021 conference session: The Automotive Paradigm Shift

By Brandon Lewis


Embedded Computing Design

February 01, 2021


embedded world 2021 conference session: The Automotive Paradigm Shift

Nuremberg, Germany  – On Monday, March 1st, from 11-11:30 CET, Real-Time Innovation’s Pedro Lopez Estepa will be presenting “The Automotive Paradigm Shift: Connectivity at the Core” at the first all-digital embedded world exhibition and conference. Estepa’s session  will address unprecedented change in the automotive market as manufacturers race to develop connected and autonomous mobility platforms.

Now forced to compete in software as well as mechanical and engine design, automakers are exploring new business models and evolving their core business. But since vehicles are built from many subsystems, require full interoperability between components, are safety- and security-critical, and can have decades-long lifecycles, auto manufacturers must anticipate the challenges of the near- and distant future.

The Automotive Paradigm Shift: Connectivity at the Core” suggests that these factors make an autonomous vehicle connectivity platform a key point of risk and opportunity. Session attendees can expect an overview of the automotive landscape now and in the coming years, as well as insight into the major architectural decisions vehicle manufacturers must consider.

To register, visit https://www.embedded-world.de/en/participants/tickets/ticketshop.

Or, for more information, visit http://www.rti.com/en/

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