NI and S.E.A. First to Earn OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment (OQTE) Status for a C-V2X Modular Bench Tester and for a C-V2X and DSRC Sniffer

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 18, 2021


NI and S.E.A. First to Earn OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment (OQTE) Status for a C-V2X Modular Bench Tester and for a C-V2X and DSRC Sniffer

NI and S.E.A. announced that the SEA-NI V2X Bench Tester and the SEA-NI V2X Sniffer have earned OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment (OQTE) certification.

According to the companies, these products are the first modular bench test solution for cellular-based vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) and the first combined C-V2X and DSRC sniffer to receive this certification. 

As a PXI-based test system, the NI-SEA V2X Bench Tester solution is designed to provide enhanced modularity for V2X test systems that can expand into hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing or other applications. This software-defined architecture can be integrated into existing test systems, enabling more flexibility and scaling. With it, engineers can test earlier in the design cycle to validate functionality and make changes without having to reinvest in new hardware. The SEA-NI V2X Sniffer enhances adaptability by capturing and monitoring both V2X bench and field information for major regional protocol standards. 

Capabilities of the SEA-NI V2X solutions include:

  • SEA-NI V2X Bench Tester: Combines software from S.E.A. GmbH with NI PXI and USRP software defined radio (SDR) hardware to transmit and receive real signals to radio frequency (RF) and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) channels on C-V2X controllers. By articulating the C-V2X and GNSS signals to the C-V2X controller, the C-V2X solution can simulate real signals such as an emergency brake warning or four-way stop to help engineers characterize device performance in the lab. The solution offers configurations for compliance testing, open-loop testing, closed-loop testing, and HIL testing.
  • SEA-NI V2X Sniffer: The first-of-its-kind mobile system is based on the NI USRP SDR hardware. It supports information capture based on various V2X standards. The solution provides advanced monitoring and decoding of C-V2X and DSRC signals and messages, in addition to unique online monitoring of RF-quality and behavior. 

OmniAir Consortium has certified the SEA-NI V2X Bench Tester to validate the physical layer and the SEA-NI V2X Sniffer to validate the physical layer and protocol conformance for messages. OmniAir Certification for V2X devices assures automotive OEMs; Tier 1 suppliers; manufacturers of devices, modules, and chips; and deploying agencies that OmniAir certified devices conform to industry standards and meet minimum performance and interoperability requirements. 

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