Renesas 28 nm automotive control MCU integrates 16 MB on-chip flash, up to six CPU cores

March 29, 2018


RH850/E2x MCUs incorporate 16 MB of built-in flash, up to six 400 MHz CPU cores, and deliver up to 9600 MIPS.

TOKYO. Renesas is now shipping a 28 nm MCU featuring 16 MB of built-in flash memory based on Metal-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon (MONOS) technology, the RH850/E2x Series. RH850/E2x MCUs incorporate up to six 400 MHz CPU cores and deliver up to 9600 MIPS, which the company claims is the highest performance for an automotive-grade MCU in the industry. The chips deliver 3x performance at the same power consumption compared to previous 40 nm versions, the company says.

MONOS enables flash to be integrated directly into an automotive-grade MCU by packaging oxide and nitride layers on top of a silicon base to form three-layer flash transistors with a metal control gate at the top. In RH850/E2x MCUs, Renesas developed a split-gate (SG) structure that increases reliability, speed, and power efficiency.

RH850/E2x MCUs provide enhanced sensor interfaces for increased precision in automotive control functions, including improved serial interfaces with up to 10 channels of CAN FD and one Ethernet channel. The MCUs also support the Evita Medium for automotive over-the-air (OTA) updates.

RH850/E2x MCUs are secured by a dual-core lock step CPU architecture that ensures calculations executed by two CPU cores are identical. The Renesas parts provide up to four sets of CPU pairs and a variety of other functional safety improvements in hardware that immediately detect system faults and malfunctions. The devices target ISO 26262 ASIL-D designs.

RH850/E2x Series are also available on 40 nm process technology. This and the 28 nm version are scheduled for sampling in March 2018.