CY Vision Launches AR Technology for Windshields for Next-Generation Vehicles at CES 2022

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 05, 2022


CY Vision Launches AR Technology for Windshields for Next-Generation Vehicles at CES 2022

CY Vision, maker of holographic display technologies for AR experiences, will debut the company's automotive 3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays (3D AR-HUD) at CES 2022. The only augmented reality windshield technology on the market able to provide continuous depth and true 3D capability, 3D AR-HUD provides the widest field of view in augmented displays on the market for all distances and all weather conditions.

"Limitations around compute power and field of view have long prevented the industry's adoption of augmented reality windshields," said Orkun Oğuz, CEO of CY Vision. "We've developed a new kind of computational holographic display approach that offers true AR experiences with continuous depth for next-generation vehicles, enabling the largest field of view in augmented displays while dramatically lowering compute and space requirements."

CY Vision's technology enables OEMs to explore a range of AR applications to create safer and more immersive, including metaverse, experiences for drivers and passengers in the next generation of conventional, electric, and autonomous vehicles. 3D AR-HUD highlights include:

  • 3D capability that perceives all visual depth cues. With binocular disparity and full motion parallax, 3D AR-HUD delivers 3D holographic images in full color from bright sunlight to dark stormy conditions.
  • Only AR display that can place multiple virtual objects from near eye to infinity. Delivers a fully immersive experience by supporting any number of simultaneous virtual objects ranging in distance.
  • Computer-generated, real-time hologram that mimics human vision. Optical advances in eye-tracking that dynamically adapt to driver's seat, head, and visual perception demands, enabling drivers to see objects at any distance in a unique depth in real time.
  • Largest field of view in augmented display. 100 percent larger FOV than current industry standards.
  • Performance under all lighting. From irregular rain backgrounds to bright sunlight or snow with over 10000 nits at the eye.

The company also announced that CY Vision and BMW engineers are working together on a new approach to AR technology (for more details, visit here).

To experience CY Vision's 3D AR-HUD at CES, visit the company's exhibit at LVCC's West Hall, #3867.

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