TechSee Controls Amazon Connect with its AI and AR Solution

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 10, 2023


New York, New York.  TechSee, is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a complete cloud contact infrastructure now offering an integration of TechSee's AI and AR solution.

"With the increase in customer-centric service needs, AWS has been an innovator in the contact center space, prioritizing Interactive Voice Response and AI to create a unique customer experience," said Geoff Wahl, EVP & Business Development Chief at TechSee.

The integration leverages AI and AR to boost customer to call center interactions. Visually, TechSee translates call center engagements into real-time AR with a significant leap in workflow automation utilizing machine vision AI.

"Simply put, text and voice aren't enough for today's highly demanding consumer. Visual engagement continues to drive better business outcomes, virtualizing face-to-face interactions. Our computer vision AI will empower AWS digital channels to see into the physical world, identify products, and even offer automated technical support solutions via AR guidance," ends Wahl.

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