Automation Kit Based on LoRa and RP2040 Launched on Kickstarter

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 24, 2022


Automation Kit Based on LoRa and RP2040 Launched on Kickstarter

There is a variety of IoT hardware available on the market that can automate any device you want, but it is insecure and requires internet connectivity. To address these issues, Automation Kit was introduced on Kickstarter.

The automation kit is based on the LoRa module and powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040, a 32-bit dual ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller. It provides control over the kit and can communicate up to 5KM range with secure communication & no need for the internet to communicate. You can create an "N" number of nodes through which you can control your devices throughout the city.

The combination of the two devices is called an automation kit. A LoRa Relay board with high-quality relays and a LoRa USB Stick for computer connection It has a capacity of 10A/250V/7DC and can control high voltage devices. The project's sponsor, SB Components, offers two variations: a 4-channel LoRa Relay Board for tying together four devices and an 8-channel LoRa Relay Board for telecommunication between eight appliances or devices. The Raspberry Pi HAT is another option for the Automation package.

The Automation Kit may be used for a variety of purposes, including AI data readings, intelligent parking, tracking livestock, smart buildings, smart cities, smart billing, smart agricultural applications, and more. What makes it so ideal is its capacity to transport data packets across long distances without using a lot of electricity. Therefore, it works well for sending little amounts of data to distant devices.

The Automation kit is presently available on Kickstarter with the option to make reasonable modifications.

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