Building Faster, Safer Responsive Robots for the Edge

June 23, 2022


Building Faster, Safer Responsive Robots for the Edge

Enabling the requisite level of responsive interactivity and frictionless interoperability needed to realize the vision of Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology and industrial IoT platforms requires hardware and software engineered for the demanding infrastructure edge. Two components that satisfy these requirements and interoperate smoothly are Wind River VxWorks and the 11th Gen Intel Core processor for IoT platforms.

VxWorks, widely recognized as the industry’s leading real-time operating system (RTOS), supports the fast, deterministic decision-making necessary for industrial applications at the edge. The design features included in the 11th Gen Intel Core processor unlock Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) capabilities and satisfy strong functional safety requirements. Together, the hardware and software interoperate fluidly to ensure high-availability operation, low-latency communication, and deterministic decision-making. Safety-certified components on both the hardware and software sides streamline solution certification across a broad swath of industry standards.

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