SEPA's HZ30B Chip Cooler is Small, but Cool

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 29, 2024


Image Credit: SEPA Europe

SEPA Europe introduced its HZ30B, an active chip cooler featuring an innovative method utilizing an integrated MF17B05 RaAxial mini fan housed within an aluminum pinbloc heat sink rather than being conventionally surface-mounted. The overall height of the HZ30B is 8mm and delivers a thermal resistance of 4.7 K/W.

The chip cooler weighs 11 g and is ideal in environments where low-noise operation is desired. To simplify installation, the solution mounts without the need for drilling. Designed with a durable MagFix sleeve bearing, the MF17B05 is engineered to operate at temperatures up to 80°C, with a low power consumption of only 0.3 W at 5VDC.

According to SEPA, the HZ30B has a lifespan of 400000 hours and can be equipped with a tacho output for monitoring. SEPA will be showcasing the HZ30B at embedded world 2024.

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