Supermicro Showcases Powerful Edge AI Systems at Embedded World 2024

April 04, 2024

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Supermicro Showcases Powerful Edge AI Systems at Embedded World 2024
Image Credit: Supermicro

At this year's embedded world exhibition, Supermicro is proud to announce the launch of its newest range of embedded systems, designed to meet the growing needs of modern industries. From ultra-compact servers to powerful edge AI solutions, Supermicro's latest offerings are set to unlock new, data-driven applications and solutions.

Addressing the accelerated adoption of intelligent applications at the edge, Supermicro has designed a range of systems that allow users to deploy AI accelerators directly at the edge, outside of the data center. The ability to process data directly at the edge creates much faster results and removes the dependency on costly network bandwidth. One such system that is designed to run demanding AI workloads at the edge is the SYS-E403-13E.

The X13 version of Supermicro's E403 is a compact box PC that brings data center level performance to the edge. Equipped with a 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processor and the capability to support up to three NVIDIA GPU accelerator cards, the SYS-E403-13E is a versatile solution that can handle a wide range of workloads. Its compact form factor enables deployment in space-constrained environments, whether mounted on a wall or used as a portable device, making it perfect for edge computing deployments in diverse industries.

Visit Supermicro's booth at embedded world to discover Supermicro's broad range of Edge AI systems, as well as other technologies that empower businesses to deliver the power of AI to the edge.


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