Infineon’s AIROC Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Solutions Populate NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform

By Rich Nass

Executive Vice President

Embedded Computing Design

August 02, 2022


When you look at the topics that garner the biggest spotlight these days, AI at the Edge is either at the top of the list or very close. As more processing power becomes available, the applications that can take advantage of this technology grow in leaps and bounds.

To that end, Infineon Technologies recently announced that it is bringing its AIROC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions to the NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI platform. As a result, designers can make better use of a mixed Cloud-Edge environment. Hence, applications such as robotics, smart cities, healthcare, industrial, retail, energy, and agriculture can be a reality.

NVIDIA Jetson, one of the leading compute platforms for AI at the Edge, already boasts over a million developers. They are making use of the available pre-trained AI models and developer SDKs, as well as the support for cloud-native technologies across the full Jetson lineup.

With all these technologies at their disposal, manufacturers of intelligent machines and AI developers can build and deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices. That includes today’s high-end gaming devices.

As you probably know, Edge-based AI devices require reliable and instant Wi-Fi cloud connectivity for lifecycle management functions like deploying AI models, especially when using over-the-air (OTA) updates.

This is where the Infineon devices come in. Adding Infineon’s AIROC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo to the mix adds high-performance Wi-Fi 6/6E and low-power Wi-Fi 5 solutions that are integrated with the full range of NVIDIA Jetson system-on-modules. The Wi-Fi 6E solution operates in the 6- to 7-GHz band.

As you would expect, the leading-edge AI-enabled Edge devices will benefit from a robust connection, low latency, extended range, and seamless data streaming, all inherent capabilities of the Infineon AIROC products. That robustness is required because so many connections are unstable at best, often causing low latency and low data throughput.

In addition to the long list of features, the Infineon solution brings with it a set of powerful, yet easy-to-use development and deployment tools for just about any application. The AIROC CYW4373, CYW5459x, and CYW5557x are all available now.

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