SABERTEK's Micro Genie is an Out-of-Box Global Connectivity Solution

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 25, 2022


Image Provided SABERTEK

SABERTEK released its Micro Genie solution with support for GPS, Bluetooth (BLE), accelerometer, inputs, outputs, and LTE connectivity with pre-configured provisions for a bi-directional upstream and downstream data flow.

Micro Genie enables engineers to indicate required sensors with 80% pre-developed for a quick and easier set up. Charl Smalberger, Design Engineer, SABERTEK, said, "Developing IoT projects can be complex and time consuming. Micro Genie enables in-house teams and designers to get their project on the front foot, we have taken care of the hard work enabling teams to focus on the use case application."

When connected to LTE network (with 2g fallback), the Micro Genie can unite 190-plus countries while providing support for an abundance of use cases such as:

  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • HVAC solutions
  • Access control
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Emergency action notifications
  • Track and trace
  • Water and agriculture applications
  • Movement detection
  • Security applications

With SABERTEK’s Micro Genie, global data connectivity is ready out-of-box with multi-country data plans already negotiated and is provided by u-blox Thingstream.

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